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CEN TR 15628

Qualification of Maintenance personnel:



On 12th September 2003, CEN/TC 319 "Maintenance" decides to create WG 9 "Qualification of personnel".


In close collaboration with CEN/TC 319 working group 9, the European Training Committee EFNMS (ETC) finished the EFNMS project on the “Qualification on Maintenance Personnel”. The corresponding report was then completed by 3 annexes on EFNMS Certification Rules (level A, B, C), approved by the General Assembly EFNMS and sent to CEN TC 319.


  • 16th Plenary Meeting of CEN/TC 319 held in Paris on 23/24 April 2007: prCEN/TR 15628 "Maintenance - Qualification of Maintenance personnel" was approved during the Plenary meeting by simple majority. Further four countries approved the draft by mail and their position was noted.
  • Result:
  • CEN TR 15628 on Qualification of Maintenance Personnel was published in July 2007 by CEN.


Evaluation of the German proposal to prepare a prEN based on CEN/TR 15628 "Maintenance - Qualification of maintenace personnel".

2010 / 2011:

CEN/TC 319 decided during the 18th Plenary Session on 11 October 2010 to register the German proposal as a potential future new work item in its programme of work.

The three qualification levels:

  • The European Maintenance Technician, EQF level 5
  • The European Maintenance Supervisor
  • The European Maintenance Manager

The three levels are fully integrated in the lifelong learning program of the EU in accordance with the Bologna and Copenhagen declarations.

What is a European Maintenance Technician?

The European Maintenance Technician is a craft person with at least two years of practical experience in maintenance and sufficient theoretical knowledge to independently perform and coordinate maintenance activities (responsible for short term decisions and communication).

What is a European Maintenance Supervisor

The European Maintenance Supervisor is a person with at least two years of practical experience in maintenance and sufficient theoretical knowledge to independently perform and coordinate maintenance projects (responsible for medium term decisions).

What is a European Maintenance Manager

The European Maintenance Manager is a person with approved engineering background and sufficient theoretical knowledge to perform and co-ordinate maintenance.

What can be achieved through a structured qualification program?

  • Consistency in the development of maintenance personnel on all three levels.
  • Structured European educational programs .
  • A common umbrella for competence in maintenance.
  • Focus on industrial requirements, including safety and environment.
  • Improved relationships between industry and training / educational.

Guido Walt,
Convenor CEN TC 319 / WG9

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