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Highlights 2017

Un amico è come il sole: che tu lo veda o no, c'è sempre !

EFNMS General Assembly

28 October 2017,
Zamak Zoracz Resort, Wroclaw (Poland)

The TOPASZ castle - a Prussian defence-residential building.
The TOPASZ castle - a Prussian defence-residential building.

General Assembly:

Meeting start:
left: in the breakfast room; right: in the conference room.

left: Cosmin Turcu (RO) presenting the Romanian Maintenance Society;
right: Johan de Coster (BE), the new Honorary President.

left: Agnieszka Tubis (PL), the host of the GA EFNMS; right: Dr. Efthymios Thanassias (GR) presenting a cancer study.

left: Christer Olsson (SE) promoting EFNMS workshops; right: Torsten Ekström (SE) promoting the EFNMS certification.

left: Nada Stanojevic (RS), Erich Baumann (AT) and Alermo Lucifrede (IT);
right: Gudmundur Ion Bjarnason (IS), Kari Komonen (FI) and Christer Olsson (SE).

left: Smartphone, is it really smart?;
right: Gerardo Cuervo presenting a KPIs suvey..


Saturday night fiever

left: The youngsters are ready; right: Ti chi performance by Jorn Egil Johnsen (NO).

The garden of the TOPASZ castle.

The TOPASZ castle's garden - behind the violent storm
The TOPASZ castle's garden - behind the violent storm "Herwart".

CEN/TC 319 Maintenance
European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

25th Plenary Meeting
24 October 2017, UNI-Office, Milano, Italy

Piazza des Duomo, Vittorio Emanuele.
Piazza des Duomo, Vittorio Emanuele.

Short messages

Fabrizio Tacca is the "Funzionario Technico" for CEN TC 319.

left: Fabrizio Tacca, UNI (IT); right: Kimmo Konkarikoski (FI), Convenor WG 10.

Three standards of TC 319 will be published end of 2017:
- EN 13306: 2017 - Maintenance - Maintenance Terminology,
- EN 16991 - Risk based inspection framework (RBFI),
- EN 17007 - Maintenance process and associated indicators.

Meeting room, UNI-Office
Meeting room, UNI-Office

Working group 14 "Maintenance Engineering" started well. This year, they had two meetings in Milano and Manchester.
The Working group 14 agreed upon the definition of "Maintenance Engineering" as a discipline and discussed relevant KPI's.
There is a proposal to merge Working group 8 and working group 14. Actually, Working group 14 has seven member countries. They would like to recruit further experts from other member countries.

left: Franco Santini (IT) about Asset Management; right: Per Schjolberg (NO) about Maintenance Engineering.

International Maintenance Association (IMA)

Advisory Board Meeting
Tuesday 22nd of August 2017, Palazzo Dei Congressi, Lugano, Switzerland


The meeting was held in the frame of the CIRP GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

The Chairman Dr.Zohair Al Sarraj introduced the new philosophy of the future IMA Conferences.

left: Director Eng. Basim Sayel Mahmoud, Technical Coordinator;<BR>
 center: Mrs. Hwayda Jamal, responsible for all administrative and financial issues;<BR>
 right: Chairman Dr.Zohair Al Sarraj.
left: Director Eng. Basim Sayel Mahmoud, Technical Coordinator;
center: Mrs. Hwayda Jamal, responsible for all administrative and financial issues;
right: Chairman Dr.Zohair Al Sarraj.

Lunch was sponsored by IMA and OMAINTEC.
Lunch was sponsored by IMA and OMAINTEC.

Lunch time

left: Dr.Zohair Al Sarraj and Guido Walt, right: Dr. Mohammad Al Fouzan and Dr. Alan Wilson.

IMA booth

EFNMS General Assembly

13 and 14 May 2017, Vodice (Croatia)

13 May 2017
Discussion about the "Body of Knowledge" and Committees structure

left: The team from Austria; right: Just a short refreshment.

left: Kari Komonen (FI) behind Jurai Grencik (SK) and Luis Fereira (PT); right: Hana Pacaiova (SK).

Storm in the brains.

left: Clear results; right: Bjarnason Gudmunddurjon (IS).

14 Mai 2017
General Assembly EFNMS

Fresh in the morning
Fresh in the morning

left: Drago Frkovic (HR); right: The conference pilote nr.1 (HR).

left: Ellen De Broeder (NL) presenting EuroMaintenance 2020; right: Nyeste Zsolt (HU) presenting MIKSZ.

left: Agnieszka Tubis (PL) about publication of Euromaintenance papers; right: Ilkka Palsola (FI) presenting an ECC proposal.

Council Dinner

Groupe ready for the dinner (photo HDO).
Groupe ready for the dinner (photo HDO).

left: Conference pilote 2 and behind the Hungarian delegation; right: Drago Frkovic (HR) opening the dinner.

left: Presents from Bjarnason Gudmunddurjon (IS); right: ... and presents from Alermo Lucifredi (IT).

left: Gerardo Alvarez (ES) and the Finnish team; right: Jószef Csiba HU) and Antoine Despujol (FR).
Thank you for the excellent evening !

CEN/TC 319 Maintenance
European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

Convenor Meeting
03 May 2017, UNI-Office, Milano, Italy


left: Meeting room Leonardo, promizing! right: Connected via Gotomeeting to some external participants.

What is a Maintenance Fonction - That is the question.

left: Merete Holmen Murvold (NO), right: Roberto Ravaglia, our networker (IT)

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