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Highlights 2011

Un amico è come il sole: che tu lo veda o no, c'è sempre !

9th TnPM National Congress
"Team Work---The Vigorous Source of TnPM"

15 to 17 September 2011,
Qingdao - China

Total Productive Maintenance Committee
TnPM Development Center
World Maintenance Forum

Qingdao - on the Pacific coast
Qingdao - on the Pacific coast

Mr. Li Baowen (center) with Mr. Guido Walt and Peter Willmott. / Welcome to the 9th TnPM National Congress, Qingdao.


Let's move to New Horizons.
Let's move to New Horizons.

Mr. Li Baowen (CN) welcomed 450 participants. / Li Baowen, Ming Che Huang (TW), Guido Walt (CH), Peter Willmott (UK),
Hsu Shing-Cheng (TW).

Mr. Ma Zhihong (CN):
Mr. Ma Zhihong (CN): "About TnPM applications in shipyards".

Top Talks with Mr. Ma Zhihong and Mr. Willmott.
Top Talks with Mr. Ma Zhihong and Mr. Willmott.

"Transform culture and sustain it - through team working" said Mr. Willmott. Ownership of new processes is the key for success, he said.

Catering during coffee breaks.
Catering during coffee breaks.

Second day

Mr. Guido Walt, Chaiman of the World Maintenance Forum, focussing on
Mr. Guido Walt, Chaiman of the World Maintenance Forum, focussing on "Team Work---The Vigorous Source of TnPM".

Clear and constructive communication is a crucial element. We must work in partnership which brings mutual and lasting benefits.

Top Talks with Mr. Li Baowen and Mr. Guido Walt
Top Talks with Mr. Li Baowen and Mr. Guido Walt

450 participants attended the event.
450 participants attended the event.

TnPM Awards

TnPM Award for outstanding performance.
TnPM Award for outstanding performance.


Congratulations to the teams.


TnPM exhibition was of great interest.

Exhibition booth.
Exhibition booth.

Industrial visit



Impressive industrial visit.

Last VocTrainMaint Meeting

8th and 9th of September 2011,
Clarion Hotel
Dublin - Ireland.

The new business area of Dublin
The new business area of Dublin

All developed material will be published on this webpage.


Dublin Meeting: 08 and 09 September 2011

This was the last VocTrainMaint meeting.
Ingemar Andreason was giving a “thank you” for all contribution to the project and with a hope that the project group in other forms will meet again.

CEN/TC 319, Workig Group 9 "Qualification of Maintenance Personnel"

Expert Meeting, 24 August 2011, UNI, Milan

La Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II
La Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II

The scope of the meeting was to find a first compromise between the new Italian Standard UNI 11420 "Manutenzione - Qualifica del personale di manutenzione" and the German draft for preparing a prEN 15628.

The group in good shape.<BR>
 In front: Francesco Cangialosi, Former president AIMAN.
The group in good shape.
In front: Francesco Cangialosi, Former president AIMAN.

EURIAC - International training opportunities for European youngsters in industrial vocational education

There is great interest from vocational education providers and the industry to create a European education together that meets the skills needs of the high-tech industry of today and tomorrow.
As a result, the EU project European Industrial Automation Class, EURIAC, has been granted full financing from Lifelong Learning Program and will start off in October 2011.
Kungsbacka municipality in Sweden is the lead partner of the project which includes eight partners from five European countries (Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Germany).
The aim of the project is to create a European vocational education and training module in industrial automation that will offer students the opportunity to carry out part of the education abroad.
The industry is in great need of people with broad technical expertise, Ingemar Andréason states from the Swedish association of reliability and maintenance technology, UTEK, who is one of the industry representatives in the project.
European industry is facing several challenges such as technology shift, industrial streamlining to save energy, generation gap and increased competition from the developing countries. We can meet these challenges through enhanced training that equips the students with multi-skills.
The European class will be designed as a stand-alone course module that can be integrated into any European vocational education and training program in industrial automation. It can also be offered as a separate course for adults in vocational education. Already, the industry has shown interest in offering the course module as an internal corporate training course.
The course module will be designed using the ECVET framework, which is the European credit system for vocational education and training. By that, it becomes a practical example of how to apply the framework to facilitate the transfer and recognition of the knowledge, skills and competencies students acquire when studying abroad.
We are so pleased to have been provided this opportunity to create another European class in vocational education and training, the project manager of EURIAC at Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium in Kungsbacka, Sweden, states.
The school has been involved in a similar project resulting in a successful vocational European class in truck maintenance. The project generated many great opportunities for those involved. Among many things, Elof Lindälvs gymnasium and Kungsbacka municipality have become the most experienced ECVET practitioners in Sweden.
The project is also in line with the flagship initiative Youth on the Move in the new European economic strategy, Europe 2020, to facilitate young people’s entry to the European labour market.

The project leader Pernilla Öhberg, Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium, Kungsbacka, Sweden.
The project leader Pernilla Öhberg, Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium, Kungsbacka, Sweden.

Kick-off meeting: 12 to 14 October 2011

Radius College, Breda, The Netherlands

All professionals in operation and maintenance should have certain competencies in automation. This is the opinion of a lot of production and / or maintenance managers, to-day.
The European Industrial Automation Class – an outstanding education program for youngsters - will be implemented in the frame of 4 “2 week training modules” including both class training and practical on-site training. The aim is to promote the competence in Automation on the work floor, in close collaboration with industry.

Visit of the laboratories of the Radius College

Training facilities in automation.

Training facilities in automation.

Assemblée Générale fmPro 2011 avec conférences

Le lac de Zurich
Le lac de Zurich

1. Assemblée Générale accompagnée
d' une conférence "Facility Management and Maintenance"
11 mai 2011 au Centre de congrès (Kongresshaus) Zürich

- Politique et gestion d'un grand projet, exemple Andermatt Swiss Alps
- Innovations dans le cadre du FM-Hôpitaux
- Nouvelles opportunités dans le marché "Maintenance"

Monsieur Ihab Morgan, Head Destination Planning, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG.
Monsieur Ihab Morgan, Head Destination Planning, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG.

Rafaichissements et échanges d'expérience sous le soleil zurichois.

Maintenance NEXT

12 to 14 April 2011
Ahoy Center
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The exhibition "Maintenance NEXT" was splitted in three main areas:
- Energy NEXT - Focus: Wind power
- Process NEXT- Focus: Chemical processing
- Mobility NEXT - Focus: Electric vehicles.
More than 300 exhibiters were present and highligthed the state-of-the-art.

Too big to fail (Tractor Pulling Team Inter-Techno Lambada, NL)
Too big to fail (Tractor Pulling Team Inter-Techno Lambada, NL)

"Maintenance Interreg": Public-private cooperation for innovating the Maintenance industry

On 14 April 2011, there was organized a meeting for starting an international collaborative project to support innovation and business development in the maintenance industry.
The objective is to strengthen international cooperation and to develop collaboration between the maintenance industry and relevant regional and national authorities.

VocTrainMaint Meeting

Ueber unser Projekt.

17. und 18. March 2011,
UTEK Office,
Stockholm – Sweden.

VocTrainMaint is a Leonardo project running from October 2009 to end of 2011 under the Lifelong Learning Programme and financially supported by the European Commission. It allowed industries’ needs to be clearly defined.
About 100 completed questionnaires were received from SMEs and some international companies.

More skilled workers

Many active employees work at lower skilled levels. However, the Process Industry needs more and more employees able to function at higher level (technician level). Companies in different sectors are struggling with shortages of skilled workers.

Learning outcomes

Focusing on learning outcomes means shifting to what a person should know from the point of view of the labor market and what a person is able to do.



Stockholm Meeting: 17 and 18 March 2011

Strengthening the global value of Maintenance

Human resources, education, training, and qualification are important areas for globalizing Maintenance and increasing the value of Maintenance.
In the frame of the Leonardo Project VocTrainMaint were developed the corresponding curriculums and syllabi for both levels (Maintenance Technician and Maintenance Supervisor).
In the final stage of the project will be developed some marketing tools.

Wear-Management organise des formations intra-entreprises. Construites sur mesure, ces formations sont dispensées au sein de l'entreprise sur des thèmes choisis par celle-ci.
Pour plus d'information ou des conseils techniques, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

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